Best 25 Knitting Blogs You Absolutely Should Know in 2023

In recent year, knitting has become so much more than just a craft but also a way to connect with others. Whether you’re an expert tackling complex designs or just beginning your knitting journey, there are plenty of blogs out there that cover everything from pattern inspiration to helpful tips and tricks. Here are 25 knit blogs that you absolutely need to check out in 2023.

25 best knit blogs

Why Read A Knit Blog?

Knitting blogs are an excellent free resource for knitters of all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner looking for how to cast on or slip a stitch or an experienced knitter seeking how to conquer brioche or intricate lace, there’s a blog out there that can help you achieve your goals.

These knit blogs cover everything from basic techniques and tips to advanced and complex patterns, as well as helping you connect to the amazing global knitting community.

Knitting bloggers share their knowledge, expertise, and passion to help knitters learn and grow in the craft.

How to Find Beginner-Friendly and Advanced Knitting Blogs

Some knit blogs cater specifically to beginners, offering detailed tutorials on basic stitches and patterns, while others focus on more advanced techniques such as lace knitting, brioche knitting, or fair isle colorwork.

Often you’ll be able to identify beginner-friendly blogs by works like “easy,” “simple,” or “for beginners.”

No matter which on you’re looking for, knit blogs often include step-by-step instructions alongside high-quality photographs to help guide you along the way.

One of my favorite things about knitting is that no matter how long you’ve been in the knitting game, there’s always room for growth and learning as a knitter.

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Top 25 Knit Blogs to Follow in 2023

Looking to expand your knitting skills and get inspiration for your next project in 2023? Look no further than these 25 top-notch knit blogs!

Explore tutorials, patterns, and ideas from experienced knitters all over the world. Learn how to create intricate lace patterns, experiment with colors and textures, or pick up a new skill like sock or sweater knitting.

Whatever your interest or experience level may be, these knitting blogs have got you covered. Get ready to dive into the endless possibilities of knitting!

Love for the Knitting Bloggers

For this list, I focused solely on knitting bloggers. These are incredible, passionate individuals or duos who deserve a spotlight and a giant round of applause. While big yarn companies can offer great resources too, I lot the passion and care lavished on these blogs.

This list is in no particular order!

25 best knit blogs

The Knit Blog List

1. Nimble Needles by Norman

Nimble Needles may just be the most popular knit blog out there! Norman offers a free learn-to-knit course as well as free patterns, patterns for men, sock tutorials and so much more. This knitting blog is a wealth of resources and not one to miss!

2. Handy Little Me by Louise Bollanos

Handy Little Me may not look like a knitting blog at first glance, but just click on tutorials and you’ll find a wealth of information from knitting basics to why knitting is good for your mental health! Louise is perhaps best known for her Outlander collection, so be sure to check out those beautiful knits!

3. Noble Knits by Nancy Queen

Nancy has a fun and fresh blog with fabulous tips and tutorials, yarn guides, knitting patterns, and so much more. She’s also got 2 fabulous courses and books for knitters who want to dive deep!

4. 10 Rows a Day by Maryna

Talk about gooooorrrrgeous knitting tutorials! Maryna’s got fabulously clear photo tutorials of all sorts of knitting techniques, mainly beginner friendly. This knitting blogger also has books and courses and video tutorials and basically anything a knitter could need!

5. Ysolda by Ysolda Teague

Ysolda is just a wealth of knitting knowledge. She’s got fabulous knitting tutorials and knitting resources. It’s her size chart that helped me become size inclusive. And she’s a great resource for budding designers.

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6. Modern Daily Knitting by Kay & Ann

Modern Daily Knitting, formerly Mason-Dixon Knitting, is a well-known knit blog that has been around since 2003. It was started by Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne, who share their love for knitting and their experiences through their blog. They offer a unique perspective on the knitting community, with an emphasis on creating relationships with fellow knitters.

7. Tin Can Knits by Alexa & Emily

Tin Can Knits is a knit blog founded by two knitters with a passion for design and yarn. Their designs are classic yet modern, featuring patterns for sweaters, hats, socks, shawls, gloves and mittens – often all themed in one collection! They also offer video tutorials to help beginners get up to speed with new techniques.

8. The Yarn Harlot by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

The Yarn Harlot is the popular knit blog from author Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, who has written numerous books about knitting humor and essays. Her blog features musings on life, knitting stories in progress, and tips to becoming a better knitter. Side note: I adore her books! I have been banned from reading her books in bed because I laugh soooo hard my husband can’t sleep!

9. Sister Mountain by Claire

Sister Mountain is a blog specifically geared towards knitters who want to learn how to design knitting patterns. She’s got great free resources like a publishing checklist, guides to stitch dictionaries, and (if you can still find it) a great Excel spreadsheet for (more) easily grading your own knits.

10. Sarah Maker by Sarah

Sarah covers more than knitting, also including crochet, cricut, tie-dye and more on her crafts blog. Her knitting tutorials are clean and beautiful and the calm, quiet air of her blog kind of makes you just want to take a deep breath and settle in for a nice long read.

25 best knit blogs

11. VeryPink by Staci Perry

VeryPink Knits is the perfect blog for those looking to continue their knitting education or expand their skill set. Designed mostly as tutorial videos on YouTube with accompanying written instructions on the website you can really dive into more complex techniques from cables to lace work – or just brush up on the basics.

12. New Stitch A Day by Johnny Vasquez

New Stitch A Day claims to have the largest knitting stitch pattern video library with over 1,000 knitting stitch patterns. So if you’re a knitter looking to pair a cute new stitch with your favorite vanilla hat pattern or a designer looking for a great free resource, this knit blog is the place to go!

13. Fringe Association, now KT’s Slow Closet by Karen Templar

Fringe Association, sister blog of the Fringe Supply Co., was created by Karen Templer. It’s not an active blog, but with 8 years of gorgeous content it’s worth a visit. This knit blog almost works more as a photo journal and is simply beautiful.

14. Zen Yarn Garden by Zen News

When I first opened Zen Yarn Garden it struck me as different from other blogs. It doesn’t have the ubiquitous photo and video tutorials of other blogs, but it’s a fabulous collector and aggregator of all things knitting—from knitting apps and magazines to college scholarships for knitters. It’s got it all!

15. My Sister Knits by Diana & Julie

This fabulous blog is run by dynamic duo Julie and Diana. It provides encouragement and inspiration to knitters. My Sister Knits is a yarn shop in Fort Collins, but their blog provides fabulous resources for knitters around the world!

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16. Pacific Knit Co. by Jamie

I’ve been following Jamie since nearly the beginning. She specializes in truly beautiful stranded colorwork cowls and is starting to branch out into shawls and more. Her blog is tiny—just five posts—but they’re worth checking out!

17. Studio Knit by Kristen

Studio Knit is simply a happy place. It’s got an insane amount of knitting stitches alongside tutorials, patterns, and fun bits like knitted flowers and lime-shaped washcloths. This knitting blogger has an amazing amount of free patterns and tutorials as well as paid books, patterns, and more.

18. Sheep & Stitch by Davina

One of the things I love about Sheep & Stitch is its Start Here page. Big knitting blogs that have been around for a while can feel a bit overwhelming. So Davina gives you a step-by-step guide of how to walk through the blog depending on what stage you’re in.

19. Knitwits & Yarns by Brendan Girak

Have you ever seen reels of the guy who walks around these gorgeous settings while knitting (and possibly wearing a fabulous patchwork jumper)? That’s Brendan. He learned knitting from his mum and now has found knitting to be a fabulous outlet for stress and anxiety. He shares his journey as a male knitter on his brief blog.

25 best knit blogs

20. Knitfarious by Christina

First off, don’t you just love the name? In addition to the usual tutorials and patterns, I love Knitfarious’s Tools and Fiber sections. These are important parts of the knitting craft that often get pushed to the wayside on knitting blogs. So if you need to know more, Christina’s your gal.

21. Love Life Yarn by Amanda

Amanda focuses on knits for the family—and no wonder as a mom of 4 boys! I absolutely love her knitting quiz, it was so fun! And then based on your skill level (as determined by the quiz) this knitting blogger points you in the right direction on her blog!

22. Elizabeth Smith Knits by Elizabeth

Elizabeth has got great articles on topics like styling and photographing your knits (something we all need in this day and age!) as well as fun background on the inspiration behind the knits. And of course, the Pattern Adjustments section is a gold mine!

23. Olive Knits by Marie

Marie is all about community, which is why, in addition to her gorgeous knitting blog, she’s created Knit Camp! It’s all about knitting with a supportive community surrounding you, which I LOVE. She’s also got some pretty stellar courses to help you knit fearlessly no matter the task.

24. Petals to Picots by Kara Gunza

Talk about serene. Her homepage just makes me happy. And I absolutely love her resources page—so many things you might need in one easy to access place.

25. Nurture Knitwear by Me!

Welcome! Thanks for visiting! This blog is a home for super detailed knitting tutorials, fabulous knitting pattern—both new and free—and a load of tips and tricks to make your knitting life easier. If you want access to my video tutorial vault as well as PDFs of all my free knitting patterns, just sign up below to get started!

And that’s it! That’s the list!

From beginner-friendly patterns to advanced techniques and everything in between, these knitting bloggers offer useful tips, engaging content, and a celebration of all things yarn. Whether you’re just starting out or have been knitting for years, there’s something here for everyone.

So grab your needles and get ready to explore the world of knitting through these fantastic knit blogs!

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Welcome to the World of Knit Blogs

Knitting is more than just a hobby – it’s a passion, an obsession, a community.

The world of knit blogs and knitting bloggers is a wonderful, wacky, and at times overwhelming place. But no need to worry! I’ve got your back. And if you’ve got a burning question, please just email me!

Know another blog that should make the list? Let me know in the comments below!

If you’re looking for inspiration, education, or to connect with other knitters around the world, look no further than these 25 best knitting blogs of 2023.

Best 25 Knitting Blogs You Absolutely Should Know in 2023Best 25 Knitting Blogs You Absolutely Should Know in 2023Best 25 Knitting Blogs You Absolutely Should Know in 2023Best 25 Knitting Blogs You Absolutely Should Know in 2023Best 25 Knitting Blogs You Absolutely Should Know in 2023Best 25 Knitting Blogs You Absolutely Should Know in 2023Best 25 Knitting Blogs You Absolutely Should Know in 2023Best 25 Knitting Blogs You Absolutely Should Know in 2023Best 25 Knitting Blogs You Absolutely Should Know in 2023
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