Who Nurture Knitwear is For

Are you a modern woman who is trying her best every day? 

Do you get stressed about the every day craziness surrounding you (and your family), but are trying to create a safe, calm space in your own home? 

Do you struggle to find time for creative expression, even though you know it’s (or think it might be) fulfilling? 

Sometimes are you too tired to focus? And at other times are you ready to kick butt and take names? 

If this list made you think “oh my gosh, I think she knows me”, then Nurture Knitwear is the place for you. 

Nurture Knitwear is a place to encourage modern women who are in all walks of life. I am there with you. This life amazing and the best thing, even when it’s sometimes hard or no fun. I understand hiding in the pantry while the kids melt down outside, but I will also be the one to cheer you on as you take a deep breath, open the door, and hug them through their tears.

Made for your energy Levels

I understand the energy levels of the modern woman and my patterns are labelled to reflect this. 

Sometimes I am so exhausted from the everyday crazy that all I can handle is a simple project—one that I’m still going to feel amazing in every time when I put it on. 

But I also understand needing a project with a little more bite, something that I can be crazy proud of when I show the other women at work or moms in the pick up line, carefully keeping any smugness out of my smile when I nonchalantly say, “Thanks. I made it!


I understand the struggle of trying to balance a personal passion or hobby with all the tasks of daily life. 

And I’m going to be honest, I’m not going to encourage you to let the house go to pot while you blissfully knit away. Because that’s just going to make it so much harder on you when you do emerge from your knitting haze and have to catch up on three weeks worth of laundry.

I know. I’ve been there.

At the same time, I’m going to cheer you on as you carve out some time for yourself because THAT IS IMPORTANT.

All Women
(and Choices) Welcome

I’m going to encourage you as you walk through life. Your path will look different than mine and that’s not just okay, that’s what it needs to be. 

Every person is different. Every family is different. Every modern woman know herself and her family best and will make the best choices for themselves. 

I’m not interested in telling you how to live your life. You’ve got this. 

What I will do? 

I will encourage you, and I will strive to speak truth into your life because I believe there are great things in store for each and every one of us. 

Why a modern woman?

A modern woman is a superhero.

As modern women we face a lot. We face expectations from ourselves and society about how we should look and act, how much we should earn and where we should earn it. We face pressures on our kids and our marriages. We battle mental health and lack of sleep and too much of everything. 

But we also have unprecedented opportunities. 

And we are not alone. 

As modern women, we can come together as a tribe to support one another and to make our voices heard. We can get the help we need for our health and our kids and we can stomp on any expectations that don’t align with who we were born to be. 

So you could be young and single, a work at home mom of three, a business maven, or some combination–no matter who you are or what circumstances you face, you are killing it EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Give me a shout!

Tell me about your experience as a modern woman and a knitter. What do you struggle with? What brings you joy? 

I want to help if I can and celebrate with you! 

I've created 60+ stylish 
knitting patterns to empower women to carve out a creative space to refresh  & refill.

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